My Bucket List of Bands

Start Me Up


One concert I dropped some dough on this year was for The Rolling Stones Zip Code Tour on July 1st. Best decision ever.  If you know me at all, you know I love a good concert.  Not only did they play at my beloved Carter-Finely Stadium (go Wolfpack), but one of my FAVORITE bands opened for The Stones… The Avett Brothers!  I was beyond stoked.  Normally I don’t make it to the opening act, but I made sure my tail was in my seat to see The Avett Brothers perform.  You also better believe I was jamming out to them as well + getting strange looks from the elder crowd. You could tell who was an Avett Brothers fan when they were performing.

DSCN0226 DSCN0224 DSCN0222 DSCN0219 DSCN0217 DSCN0207 DSCN0203
Scott Avett should really be People’s Sexiest Man Alive… just sayin’.

Ok onto the main attraction, The Rolling Stones! What a SHOW!  Here’s their setlist from the show:

  1. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
  2. It’s Only Rock’n Roll (But I Like It)
  3. Let’s Spend the Night Together
  4. Tumbling Dice
  5. Out of Control
  6. Bitch
  7. Moonlight Mile
  8. Shine a Light
  9. Honky Tonk Women
  10. Before They Make Me Run
  11. Happy
  12. Midnight Rambler
  13. Miss You
  14. Gimme Shelter
  15. Start Me Up
  16. Sympathy for the Devil
  17. Brown Sugar
  18. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the Duke Vespers)- ENCORE
  19. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction– ENCORE

Thoughts I had while at the The Rolling Stones concert:

  • It provided the BEST people watching, ever.
  • Keith Richard + Mick Jagger are in a heated competition for the most wrinkles.
  • Charlie Watts (the drummer) looked like a turtle + didn’t look happy at all during the concert. I loved it!
  • Best dressed goes to Ronnie Wood + his red high tops.
  • I hope I can still move like Jagger when I’m in my 70s.
  • Mick Jagger totally name dropped NC State, UNC + Duke as well as RTP, which was random + hilarious.
  • The Duke Vespers did a stellar job performing with The Rolling Stones.  That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, I hope they soaked up every second of it.DSCN0233 DSCN0236 DSCN0239 DSCN0241 DSCN0246 DSCN0254 DSCN0256 DSCN0268 DSCN0273 DSCN0285 DSCN0289

I was beyond glad I went to see The Rolling Stones perform + I HIGHLY suggest that if you ever have the opportunity to go see them, DO IT!  They may be getting up there in age, but they’ve still got it!

My Bucket List of Bands

Somebody Told Me

It would be hot as Haiti’s for The Killers concert and they weren’t lying.  It felt like I was trapped in a sauna with scores of people surrounding me and incredibly stuffy it was hard to breathe, but who cares… I was FINALLY seeing The Killers.  Ever since they hit the music scene, I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for them to come to Raleigh or anywhere in the state of North Carolina.  My dreams came true on August 12th when they performed at Red Hat Amphitheater.

They really rocked their first show in Raleigh playing several of my favorite songs from their early music like All These Things That I’ve Done, Human, Somebody Told Me, Mr. Brightside, When You Were Young, and Losing Touch.  I had a major swoon moment when he sang a tidbit of James Taylor’s Carolina in My Mind.  At that moment, Brandon Flowers made me weak in the knees.

Due to the insane heat we had to get some “air” which basically meant we needed to get out of the massive crowd. While we were standing off to the side a man came out of the pit and ripped his wristband off and proceeded to give it to us.  For the remained of the show we took turns going in the pit to get an up close + personal view.  It was oh-so amazing.  I felt like I was on cloud 45,985 watching Brandon Flowers commandeer the stage.  The only downside of the night was the heat, it was rather unbearable, but we mustered through it!

Not my best concert photo, but here’s Brandon Flowers of The Killers. Swoon.




My Bucket List of Bands

Make It Rain

This is a belated concert post.

Maybe I’m still trying to process the L’il Wayne + T.I. concert or maybe I’m in denial that I was at a concert venue with filled with hot messes.  Nonetheless, this is a belated post.

I suppose I’ll start from the very beginning.

Of course there had to be a torrential downpour before the concert. Not cool.  Luckily we came prepared with ponchos and raincoats.  As we sat in the car at Walnut Creek Amphitheater waiting for the rain to ease up we couldn’t help but watch in horror all the tragically dressed girls getting out of their cars.  (A little bit about Walnut Creek; it’s a massive outdoor venue which I despise and it’s like walking through the shire like on Lord of the Rings).  Like I said earlier, it was POURING rain… girls were emerging from their cars in stripper shoes and what looked like outfits from 5-7-9 or _____.  Most of them were wearing sizes that were too small or too short.  My deer in the headlight expression made me realize, this is what’s wrong with society… it’s going downhill. Then again, maybe I’m getting old and that’s my age talking.

So as we were making the long trek to the gates, two girls fell. One of the girls was wearing heels… in the rain… walking on grass.  She should have known better.  The other girl was wearing white shorts and literally fell on her butt in a puddle.  When she got up, let’s just say it looked like “oops I crapped my pants.”  I laughed at both girls.  I always laugh when people fall and I give permission to people to laugh at me when I fall.

Once we approached the gates… it was still raining and our feet were wet from all the rain (maybe my choice of wearing Havaianas flip flops wasn’t the smartest decision I made).  As we were hanging out waiting in line a surge of people started coming towards us and I was sandwiched in a mass crowd.  I’m still surprised I didn’t have a massive panic attack, I get claustrophobic easily.  It was pure chaos.  I had a couple to my left smoking cigarettes and blowing their cancer stick smoke into my face (apparently they weren’t raised with proper etiquette… don’t do that) and I was literally sandwiched between two dudes.  I was pretty much violated.  There was no such thing as “personal space” while we waited.  While standing there, I thought to myself I’m going to get trampled and die.  My parents would have to tell friends + family that I was trampled to death while waiting in line to see L’il Wayne + T.I. and that all was left of me was my North Face raincoat.  Alas, I survived and made it safely in.

After we all got beers (we needed them after dealing with all the chaos), we decided to hangout in a gazebo to regain our composure and strategize our next move.  It was there we met Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island.

Before Gilligan went on a 3 hour tour

Once we found a spot on the lawn everything was much better.  T.I. put on an amazing performance (he’s my jam) and L’il Wayne is quite the talker.  We left early because 1. We didn’t want to get caught in the mass chaos and, 2. We had a hankering for empanada and wanted Calavera.

Final Thoughts:

I doubt I’ll go back to Walnut Creek.  It would have to be someone absolutely amazing for me to see to go back to that hell hole and I would purchase seats, not lawn seats. Speaking of Walnut Creek, they really  need to work on maintaining their bathrooms.  Not only did a majority of the toilets didn’t work, but I also saw a sink hanging out of the wall. Classy.  I’d like to thank those I got to witness who fell down, thanks for the laughter.  I needed it.

Around Town

Opening a New Chapter

As of recently, I’ve been blogging about my adventures in Dallas and all the concerts I’ve been going to.  What I haven’t mentioned, but meaning to do is announce my most recent career change! *happy dance*  Who knew I would go from drugstore marketing to fashion marketing?!  Somebody needs to pinch me because I still can’t believe I’m working in fashion, not to mention one of my favorite stores (other than Anthropologie of course)! Ok, ok… I’ll tell you where I’m working.  I got a job working at bevello (it’s a women’s boutique based here in Raleigh).  It’s pretty amazing.  bevello carries various designers most folks are familiar with like French Connection, Hudson Jeans, Paige DenimToms, Free People (my fav) as well as smaller brands you might not recognize.  Like I said, it’s pretty amazing.

Once I get more “settled” (I’m about to start my third week there), I’m sure I’ll post more about my adventures in the fashion world and all the exciting opportunities I encounter, so stay tuned!

My Bucket List of Bands

The National

FINALLY!! After a few years The National made it back to Raleigh.  I can officially now mark them off my bucket list of bands I want to see.  P.S. AMAZING show… I would definitely go to another one of their shows.  I’m absolutely smitten with Matt’s voice, he could totally have his own radio show with that deep, smooth voice of his.

Ok, back to the show.  I honestly wasn’t sure how the weather would pan out since we had thunderstorm warnings/ tornado watches out the night of the show.  The skies cleared as soon as we arrived (I missed the first act) and it was smooth sailing from there!

1012765_10151716093531639_2079188575_n 954751_10151716093526639_1382045040_n

Despite buying seats I still couldn’t see over all the tall people.  They need to make a section at Red Hat Amphitheater for fun size people like myself.  I always get stuck behind a guy that’s as tall as Shaq.  Not cool.  That’s what I call, “short girl problems.”  Luckily I was able to shuffle around since there were some unsold seats around me and I got a good spot to see the band.  Not only did I get entertainment from the band, but the 50-something year old man in front of me was dancing his heart out and was super crazy.

Here’s some highlights from The National show:

The National at Red Hat Amphitheater
The National at Red Hat Amphitheater
So Matt came out into the audience + walked right by me. This is a photo of him and since I spazzed out taking the picture this is what I got. Fail.


The National at Red Hat Amphitheater
The National at Red Hat Amphitheater
The National at Red Hat Amphitheater
The National closing the show at Red Hat Amphitheater

The National closed out the show with Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks.  You can check out the full video here (I didn’t record the whole song and let’s get real, I’m not a professional videographer).  They are truly a beautiful band… amazing show!



A Whirlwind of a Weekend

I know, I know… I’ve been MIA.  There’s been a lot going on and when I say a lot you’ll understand.  Right now I’m sitting in the Charlotte airport waiting for my connecting flight home back to Raleigh!  I managed to fly to Dallas and back without getting jazz hands.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said that just yet, I have one more flight to make.

I will be blogging about my Dallas trip tonight or tomorrow (depends how exhausted I am) and I have a big announcement that I’m waaaaaay jazzed about.  You’ll have to stay tuned!


My Bucket List of Bands

Somebody Told Me

The Killers are coming to Raleigh on August 12th (happy early birthday to me)!  Y’all don’t know how excited I am about this concert.  I’ll probably say this about all the concerts I’m going to this year, but I’ve been waiting for them to come to Raleigh since FOREVER!  I pretty much wanted to do the “Carlton dance” once I secured my tickets, but thought it would be best if I didn’t break out in dance in the marketing department.  I’ll save that dance for a rainy day or when our department needs a laugh.

Mr. Brandon Flowers, I’ll be seeing you in August!







A Mother’s Day Quilt

quiltI certainly know how to make my mom cry!  This Mother’s Day I gave my mom the quilt I had Megan from A Crafty Handful finish from some of my grandmother’s quilt squares.  Even when I met Megan at Starbucks to pick up the finished quilt I got chills and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up a bit.  She did an AMAZING job on the quilt and surpassed my expectations.

When I gave the quilt to her, this is what she focused on:

labelI’m almost hesitant to show the video of her opening her Mother’s Day gift because I honestly hate the way I sound on camera.  Yes, I know I have a crazy southern accent and I still haven’t embraced it at the age of 31.  I’ll confess I was hoping my voice wouldn’t be heard in the video, but it was.  I apologize.  Since it was such a special/ thoughtful gift I’ve decided to show y’all the video (the condensed version).

Here are some more pictures I took of the big day:

I managed to capture her reaction when I told her the quilt was made from Nanny’s squares.
quilt 4
Here comes the waterworks!
Mom is still crying + holding onto her quilt
Mom (no more tears & all smiles) with her beautiful quilt!
Watch out Anthropologie… y’all have some competition!


My Bucket List of Bands

Band of Horses

BOHLast night was my first concert of 2013 and boy was it amazing!

If you have never been to a Band of Horses show, you must drop what you’re doing immediately (when I say immediately I mean after you read my post) and then find tickets to one of their shows.  You’ll thank me.  Seriously, you will.  This will mark the second time I’ve seen them perform (they’re officially tied with New Kids on the Block).  Don’t tell them that, I doubt they would want to be associated with an 80’s boy band.  I hope this blog post doesn’t ruin my street cred.

Back to last night’s show.

I’m pretty sure I went a little nuts when they played my FAVORITE song of theirs, The Funeral. When I saw them last year with My Morning Jacket, I’m pretty sure they closed the show with The Funeral (which was the perfect song to close the show with) so you can imagine my excitement when they included it in their set list.  This leaves me to rate my top 5 concerts of all time (this could possibly change since I’ve got 6-7 more shows this year)

  1. Mumford + Sons
  2. The Avett Brothers
  3. Band of Horses
  4. Kings of Leon
  5. New Kids on the Block (yeah I know I’m being judged, but those guys can put on a good show AND they’ve still got it)

Like I said earlier in my post, go see Band of Horses.  If you like them you can thank me, if you don’t then you need to listen to them again because you’re obviously missing out on something great.

Enjoy some of the pictures I took from last night’s show!

Band of Horses at The Ritz in Raleigh
Band of Horses at The Ritz in Raleigh
He totally posed for me in this picture.
Band of Horses at The Ritz in Raleigh


Around Town

Come on Ride the Train

Is that Quad City DJ song in your head now? Good…

Speaking of trains, I went to Dos Taquitos Xoco last night located in the heart of Glenwood South (you’ll understand my train reference in a bit, be patient). In case you were wondering, the menu is the same as the original Dos Taquitos located on Creedmoor Rd.  I did notice the restaurant had referenced Frida Kahlo with several pictures of the artist… not sure what that was about, but hey I’ll go with it!

Scene of the accident

The highlight for me was the train that delivered chips + salsa to your table.  The chips came in a paper bag + the salsa was sealed to prevent it from spilling… it was pretty clever!  When we were getting close to leaving, the train started to make it’s way to another table and the bag of chips started to tip over and land on me.  Being the dramatic person I am, you would have thought an avalanche was coming for me.  In reality it was only 4 or 5 chips that came crashing down on me.  I even documented the train accident.

For post dinner drinks we strolled down to Cornerstone Tavern.  Not only is the bar in a house, but it also has great outdoor seating.  Due to the lovely NC weather that changes everyday, we didn’t sit outside since it was too chilly (buzzkill)!

Loopy Vodka with Sprite + a splash of cranberry juice!

I must be living under a rock because I had no idea there was a vodka that tastes like Fruit Loops called Loopy by Three Olives.  It seriously tastes like Fruit Loops! I was about to ask the bartender if I could get some milk to go with it.

Not sure what to mix your Loopy with?  The bartender made my cocktail with Sprite and a splash of cranberry juice… it’s a perfect drink for spring.

Cheers, y’all!  xoxo