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California Love

Y’all… big news! I’m going to California in February. Specifically, San Francisco (HELLO, FULL HOUSE) + Napa Valley.  It’s been on my bucket list to go to California + I’m beyond stoked. So when my friend Darnell sent out an email wanting to celebrate his 35th birthday in Napa Valley, I jumped all over it.  I mean, this is the year of me saying, “YES” to things… within reason.  And in case you didn’t pick up on it, I’m going to make it my mission to see the house from Full House while in San Fran.  It’s going to get me jazzed for when Fuller House comes on.  I loved me some Full House growing up. I mean John Stamos was super delicious (minus the mullet) + who wasn’t obsessed with that song, “Forever” that  Jesse + the Rippers sang?!  I might just play the theme song while we visit the house.

My biggest hurdle is the flight.  This girl is not a fan of flying.  I first flew by myself a few years ago when I went to Dallas to see my friend Darnell.  I’m pretty sure I was strung our + jazz hands the entire time.  Thank goodness my friend Whitney + her husband will be on the same flight as me when we head to California.  As for on the way back, I’m on my own.

I already know I’m going to have to apologize to the person who will be sitting next to me if I start to spazz out.  I’m also going to need to find myself a horse tranquilizer + a strong cocktail. There’s an 80% chance I might reenact this scene from Bridesmaids.

FullSizeRenderThe good news is that I have about a month to simmer myself down.  The bad news is the person next to me is going to tell me to shut the hell up.

Stay tuned to my traveling antics.

Around Town

Opening a New Chapter

As of recently, I’ve been blogging about my adventures in Dallas and all the concerts I’ve been going to.  What I haven’t mentioned, but meaning to do is announce my most recent career change! *happy dance*  Who knew I would go from drugstore marketing to fashion marketing?!  Somebody needs to pinch me because I still can’t believe I’m working in fashion, not to mention one of my favorite stores (other than Anthropologie of course)! Ok, ok… I’ll tell you where I’m working.  I got a job working at bevello (it’s a women’s boutique based here in Raleigh).  It’s pretty amazing.  bevello carries various designers most folks are familiar with like French Connection, Hudson Jeans, Paige DenimToms, Free People (my fav) as well as smaller brands you might not recognize.  Like I said, it’s pretty amazing.

Once I get more “settled” (I’m about to start my third week there), I’m sure I’ll post more about my adventures in the fashion world and all the exciting opportunities I encounter, so stay tuned!


All My Exes Live in Texas

Ok… not really, but hopefully I got your attention.

I managed to fly by myself again, but this time all the way to Dallas, Texas! Woohoo!  Since I’m behind on blogging about my adventures in Texas I decided to recap with photos.

Day 1:

First Stop: The Taco Diner. Major Noms
Stopped by The Glass House to catch some rays by the pool. Gorgeous view of Dallas
My view from The Glass House pool… probably one of the most amazing pools/ views I’ve seen. There needs to be more chairs in pools… just sayin’
Pure relaxation after long morning of traveling. Nap time at the pool is absolute bliss.
Sambuca for drinks + dinner. The band was mediocre, they loved playing Maroon 5 songs and the guy needs a stylist to fix his tragic outfit.
Hitting up the Dallas nightlife with Darnell
Brunch at Chicken Scratch is a must. Amazing atmosphere and delicious food. Think of it as an upscale Bojangles.
The interior of Chicken Scratch. I love a chalkboard menu
Chicken Scratch is probably one of the best restaurants I visited while in Dallas.
Last night in Dallas we stopped for drinks at the Full Circle Tavern. The Jackass Mule is amazing
Dallas was so much fun! I got to spend time with my friend and meet his partner as well see everything Dallas had to offer. Can’t wait to go back for another visit!


A Whirlwind of a Weekend

I know, I know… I’ve been MIA.  There’s been a lot going on and when I say a lot you’ll understand.  Right now I’m sitting in the Charlotte airport waiting for my connecting flight home back to Raleigh!  I managed to fly to Dallas and back without getting jazz hands.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said that just yet, I have one more flight to make.

I will be blogging about my Dallas trip tonight or tomorrow (depends how exhausted I am) and I have a big announcement that I’m waaaaaay jazzed about.  You’ll have to stay tuned!



Dallas… Here I Come!

I just booked my flight to go see one of my friends from college who recently moved to Dallas.  Added bonus: we’re going to see The Avett Brothers at the Gexa Energy Pavilion!  Second Added Bonus: Grace Potter +the Nocturnals, Matt + Kim, Milo Greene, Dawes, and Hayes Carll will also be performing at the show as well!

Honestly I can’t wait to explore all of Dallas… well I only have 3 days to cram it all in, but I’ll take it!