All My Exes Live in Texas

Ok… not really, but hopefully I got your attention.

I managed to fly by myself again, but this time all the way to Dallas, Texas! Woohoo!  Since I’m behind on blogging about my adventures in Texas I decided to recap with photos.

Day 1:

First Stop: The Taco Diner. Major Noms
Stopped by The Glass House to catch some rays by the pool. Gorgeous view of Dallas
My view from The Glass House pool… probably one of the most amazing pools/ views I’ve seen. There needs to be more chairs in pools… just sayin’
Pure relaxation after long morning of traveling. Nap time at the pool is absolute bliss.
Sambuca for drinks + dinner. The band was mediocre, they loved playing Maroon 5 songs and the guy needs a stylist to fix his tragic outfit.
Hitting up the Dallas nightlife with Darnell
Brunch at Chicken Scratch is a must. Amazing atmosphere and delicious food. Think of it as an upscale Bojangles.
The interior of Chicken Scratch. I love a chalkboard menu
Chicken Scratch is probably one of the best restaurants I visited while in Dallas.
Last night in Dallas we stopped for drinks at the Full Circle Tavern. The Jackass Mule is amazing
Dallas was so much fun! I got to spend time with my friend and meet his partner as well see everything Dallas had to offer. Can’t wait to go back for another visit!


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