My Bucket List of Bands

The National

FINALLY!! After a few years The National made it back to Raleigh.  I can officially now mark them off my bucket list of bands I want to see.  P.S. AMAZING show… I would definitely go to another one of their shows.  I’m absolutely smitten with Matt’s voice, he could totally have his own radio show with that deep, smooth voice of his.

Ok, back to the show.  I honestly wasn’t sure how the weather would pan out since we had thunderstorm warnings/ tornado watches out the night of the show.  The skies cleared as soon as we arrived (I missed the first act) and it was smooth sailing from there!

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Despite buying seats I still couldn’t see over all the tall people.  They need to make a section at Red Hat Amphitheater for fun size people like myself.  I always get stuck behind a guy that’s as tall as Shaq.  Not cool.  That’s what I call, “short girl problems.”  Luckily I was able to shuffle around since there were some unsold seats around me and I got a good spot to see the band.  Not only did I get entertainment from the band, but the 50-something year old man in front of me was dancing his heart out and was super crazy.

Here’s some highlights from The National show:

The National at Red Hat Amphitheater
The National at Red Hat Amphitheater
So Matt came out into the audience + walked right by me. This is a photo of him and since I spazzed out taking the picture this is what I got. Fail.


The National at Red Hat Amphitheater
The National at Red Hat Amphitheater
The National at Red Hat Amphitheater
The National closing the show at Red Hat Amphitheater

The National closed out the show with Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks.  You can check out the full video here (I didn’t record the whole song and let’s get real, I’m not a professional videographer).  They are truly a beautiful band… amazing show!



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