Jessica Jet Sets to Cali: Part V

Well I never thought this day would come… the conclusion to my California trip.  I know, it seems like it’s been since 1987 since I went on the trip, but instead was just a few months ago.

So on our last day it was all about biking to wineries in Sonoma.  I’m not going to lie, I had a little bit of anxiety because I haven’t been on a bike in years and I’m talking about a stationary bike at the gym.  Would I remember how NOT to fall off? Would they have a bike for someone who isn’t the tallest, but isn’t a child’s bike? Only time would tell.


Meet my bike from Napa Valley Bike Tours. It came with a built in fanny pack for all my things!


The good news: I remembered how to get on the bike and pedal!
The bad news: the bike was still too big for me. #shortgirlprobz

I’m not going to lie, I was a hot mess express the whole day so I honestly couldn’t give a proper recap on the day except for the following:

  • I was not made to ride bikes. I looked like t-rex trying to ride a bike. It wasn’t pretty.
  • For someone who hadn’t hopped on a bike in about ten years, I managed to bike a little over 13 miles (even if some of that time was spent “walking my bike”)
  • I’d never been so excited to reach each winery so I could sit + numb the pain with wine.
  • I also threatened to call Uber on multiple occasions because I literally thought I was going to pass out in the middle of nowhere.

The 3 wineries that we biked to were Gundach Bundschu WineryBuena Vista Winery + Sebastiani Vineyards.

IMG_5555 IMG_5558 IMG_5561 IMG_5568 IMG_5570 IMG_5597 IMG_5575 IMG_5578 IMG_5589 IMG_5586 IMG_5585 IMG_5583 IMG_5591 IMG_5580 IMG_5619 IMG_6237

Despite thinking I was going to die biking around Sonoma, it was absolutely gorgeous.  It was a perfect ending to a fun + memorable trip with some of the greatest friends.


Jessica Jet Sets to Cali: Part I

As you can obviously tell, I survived my trip to California.  I packed enough airplane “activities” to keep me occupied on the long journey. If someone looked in my carry-on bag they would have thought I was an activity hoarder.  What was in my carry-on you might ask? Here’s the run down:

  • Adult coloring book (I did not color at all)
  • HGTV magazine (which I did NOT read)
  • MacBook (I partially worked on my self-assessment for work)
  • The Good Girl (I read a little bit)
  • iPad (I honestly don’t know why I brought it)
  • Work tablet (another piece of technology I should have left behind)

I realize I should have been more sensible when packing my “activity” bag, but I wasn’t sure how high my anxiety level would be and I needed all the distractions I could get.  The flight form RDU to CLT wasn’t bad at all… a beautiful 30 minutes-ish traveling.  It was the CLT to SFO flight that I was prepping for. I basically followed my friend’s suggestion by not having ANY caffeine prior to flying- what a great tip!

While heading to my connecting flight I totes I got to lay my eyes on the Carolina Panther’s plane.  No, Cam Newton was no where to be seen.  They were probably still mourning their Super Bow 50 loss (I mean, I’m still bummed about it).

The Panther's plane in CLT
The Panther’s plane in CLT

On the 5+ hour trip to San Francisco I was lucky enough to sit right next to the cabin bathroom.  That’s right, I had VIP seats to see who all were repeat offenders using the bathroom!

My view for 5+ hours, the luxurious bathroom.
My view for 5+ hours, the luxurious bathroom.

It wasn’t too bad, I actually had enough room and didn’t feel claustrophobic- otherwise I would have needed a horse tranquilizer.

Now since my first day in California had consisted of being up for almost 24 hours, I figured I’d break up my blog post into a series of posts so I don’t miss any of the important stuff.  We crammed A LOT into our first day in San Francisco.  My journey to The Golden State was just part of it.

Coming Soon- Jessica Jet Sets to Cali: Part II




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California Love

Y’all… big news! I’m going to California in February. Specifically, San Francisco (HELLO, FULL HOUSE) + Napa Valley.  It’s been on my bucket list to go to California + I’m beyond stoked. So when my friend Darnell sent out an email wanting to celebrate his 35th birthday in Napa Valley, I jumped all over it.  I mean, this is the year of me saying, “YES” to things… within reason.  And in case you didn’t pick up on it, I’m going to make it my mission to see the house from Full House while in San Fran.  It’s going to get me jazzed for when Fuller House comes on.  I loved me some Full House growing up. I mean John Stamos was super delicious (minus the mullet) + who wasn’t obsessed with that song, “Forever” that  Jesse + the Rippers sang?!  I might just play the theme song while we visit the house.

My biggest hurdle is the flight.  This girl is not a fan of flying.  I first flew by myself a few years ago when I went to Dallas to see my friend Darnell.  I’m pretty sure I was strung our + jazz hands the entire time.  Thank goodness my friend Whitney + her husband will be on the same flight as me when we head to California.  As for on the way back, I’m on my own.

I already know I’m going to have to apologize to the person who will be sitting next to me if I start to spazz out.  I’m also going to need to find myself a horse tranquilizer + a strong cocktail. There’s an 80% chance I might reenact this scene from Bridesmaids.

FullSizeRenderThe good news is that I have about a month to simmer myself down.  The bad news is the person next to me is going to tell me to shut the hell up.

Stay tuned to my traveling antics.