Jessica Jet Sets to Cali: Part III

I swear, it’s going to take me a year to do the entire recap from my California trip… but I’m going to finish it!!

On day two we spent the better part of the morning continuing our “tour of San Francisco.”

First Stop: The Full House house.  Y’all, I can’t even tell you how excited I was about seeing this.  I grew up on Full House and have probably watched all the episodes multiple times (it ranks up there with Saved By The Bell, the original 90210 series, Law + Order: SVU + FRIENDS episodes that I could binge watch repeatedly). We totally nerded out on the way to see the house by listening to the Full House theme song.  I have no shame in admitting that.  Not to mention, Fuller House was about to be released on Netflix so it was perfect timing.





Second Stop: Mrs. Doubtfire house.  While I was excited to see the Mrs. Doubtfire house, it didn’t compare to seeing the Full House house. #sorrynotsorry



Third Stop: Lombard Street.  Thank god we did not attempt to drive the suburban on Lombard Street.  Just watching the people drive down it gave me anxiety.  To the people who live on Lombard Street: bless your hearts for putting up with all the tourists and having the patience to live on that street.



Fourth Stop: The Golden Gate Bridge.  Is it always that windy by the bridge? I’m not going to lie, I didn’t get many good photos of myself there due to the wind. Major buzzkill.  I was hoping I’d get a good one for my Bumble profile.  Oh well! We probably spent 30 minutes getting a really good blowout with major tangles on a dreary day.





While we made our way out of San Francisco we made a pit stop in Sausalito for lunch at Copita.  They had a drink on the menu called ‘Ziggy Stardust’ and wish I had ordered it in honor of my man, David Bowie. If I ever come across another Ziggy Stardust, you better believe I’m going to order it.  After lunch we loaded up the suburban to head to our house in Napa Valley, but we had one more pitstop to make- go to Lagunitas Brewery!




The rest of the day was chill- we had to get settled in our house and rest up for our big WINERY tour.  Let’s hope my recap from the winery tour won’t be next month. I’m going to try to finish up my California recap before I go to Blowing Rock for a girl’s weekend.



Jessica Jet Sets to Cali: Part II

Now to the fun part!  Part of the group arrived to San Fran around noon which allowed us get a jumpstart on being an official tourist.  I was beyond stoked to cram as much sightseeing as I could into the day.  Once we checked into the hotel, we walked in circles at Union Square + had some lunch at Lefty O’Douls (which was totally delicious).  From there we made our way to Last Drop Tavern for a much needed drink (I had one of my favorite adult beverages, a Moscow Mule) and we began to plot out what we were going to do with limited time we had.

We all agreed on the following:

We did it all. And more.







IMG_0186 IMG_0590

IMG_0382 IMG_0124 IMG_0193

I pretty much want a seal now.  Preferably a teacup size seal, I don’t think your average size seal will logistically work in my townhouse.  I’m going to add this to my Christmas wish list.  After trolling around the Fisherman’s Wharf for a couple hours, we met up with the rest of our party for drinks to celebrate everyone’s arrival.  We also had Tommy’s brother join us (he lives in San Francisco) + played tour guide around In-N-Out (major buzzkill I didn’t eat there… that was on my bucket list. I guess I’ll have to go back to San Fran again), Ghiradelli Square (I didn’t get any chocolate either… ANOTHER buzzkill) and finally we landed at his brother’s house for a pit stop.


By this time is was around 8pm. I’d been up for about 17 hours and I was still trucking along. How? I have no idea. I can’t hang like I used to. #imgettingold

All we knew is that we wanted dinner + then go back to the hotel to crash.  After we bid farewell to Tommy’s bro we hopped on the cable car towards dinner.  If you’re in San Francisco go dine at Hops + Hominy– it was banging.  All I know is I inhaled my burger.  I’m not going to lie I don’t remember much from dinner (and no it wasn’t the alcohol), it was from being up close to 20 hours.




Day one in San Francisco was a complete success. Up next: my recap of day two in San Francisco + our journey to Napa Valley.


Jessica Jet Sets to Cali: Part I

As you can obviously tell, I survived my trip to California.  I packed enough airplane “activities” to keep me occupied on the long journey. If someone looked in my carry-on bag they would have thought I was an activity hoarder.  What was in my carry-on you might ask? Here’s the run down:

  • Adult coloring book (I did not color at all)
  • HGTV magazine (which I did NOT read)
  • MacBook (I partially worked on my self-assessment for work)
  • The Good Girl (I read a little bit)
  • iPad (I honestly don’t know why I brought it)
  • Work tablet (another piece of technology I should have left behind)

I realize I should have been more sensible when packing my “activity” bag, but I wasn’t sure how high my anxiety level would be and I needed all the distractions I could get.  The flight form RDU to CLT wasn’t bad at all… a beautiful 30 minutes-ish traveling.  It was the CLT to SFO flight that I was prepping for. I basically followed my friend’s suggestion by not having ANY caffeine prior to flying- what a great tip!

While heading to my connecting flight I totes I got to lay my eyes on the Carolina Panther’s plane.  No, Cam Newton was no where to be seen.  They were probably still mourning their Super Bow 50 loss (I mean, I’m still bummed about it).

The Panther's plane in CLT
The Panther’s plane in CLT

On the 5+ hour trip to San Francisco I was lucky enough to sit right next to the cabin bathroom.  That’s right, I had VIP seats to see who all were repeat offenders using the bathroom!

My view for 5+ hours, the luxurious bathroom.
My view for 5+ hours, the luxurious bathroom.

It wasn’t too bad, I actually had enough room and didn’t feel claustrophobic- otherwise I would have needed a horse tranquilizer.

Now since my first day in California had consisted of being up for almost 24 hours, I figured I’d break up my blog post into a series of posts so I don’t miss any of the important stuff.  We crammed A LOT into our first day in San Francisco.  My journey to The Golden State was just part of it.

Coming Soon- Jessica Jet Sets to Cali: Part II