Jessica Jet Sets to Cali: Part V

Well I never thought this day would come… the conclusion to my California trip.  I know, it seems like it’s been since 1987 since I went on the trip, but instead was just a few months ago.

So on our last day it was all about biking to wineries in Sonoma.  I’m not going to lie, I had a little bit of anxiety because I haven’t been on a bike in years and I’m talking about a stationary bike at the gym.  Would I remember how NOT to fall off? Would they have a bike for someone who isn’t the tallest, but isn’t a child’s bike? Only time would tell.


Meet my bike from Napa Valley Bike Tours. It came with a built in fanny pack for all my things!


The good news: I remembered how to get on the bike and pedal!
The bad news: the bike was still too big for me. #shortgirlprobz

I’m not going to lie, I was a hot mess express the whole day so I honestly couldn’t give a proper recap on the day except for the following:

  • I was not made to ride bikes. I looked like t-rex trying to ride a bike. It wasn’t pretty.
  • For someone who hadn’t hopped on a bike in about ten years, I managed to bike a little over 13 miles (even if some of that time was spent “walking my bike”)
  • I’d never been so excited to reach each winery so I could sit + numb the pain with wine.
  • I also threatened to call Uber on multiple occasions because I literally thought I was going to pass out in the middle of nowhere.

The 3 wineries that we biked to were Gundach Bundschu WineryBuena Vista Winery + Sebastiani Vineyards.

IMG_5555 IMG_5558 IMG_5561 IMG_5568 IMG_5570 IMG_5597 IMG_5575 IMG_5578 IMG_5589 IMG_5586 IMG_5585 IMG_5583 IMG_5591 IMG_5580 IMG_5619 IMG_6237

Despite thinking I was going to die biking around Sonoma, it was absolutely gorgeous.  It was a perfect ending to a fun + memorable trip with some of the greatest friends.


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