Around Town

Come on Ride the Train

Is that Quad City DJ song in your head now? Good…

Speaking of trains, I went to Dos Taquitos Xoco last night located in the heart of Glenwood South (you’ll understand my train reference in a bit, be patient). In case you were wondering, the menu is the same as the original Dos Taquitos located on Creedmoor Rd.  I did notice the restaurant had referenced Frida Kahlo with several pictures of the artist… not sure what that was about, but hey I’ll go with it!

Scene of the accident

The highlight for me was the train that delivered chips + salsa to your table.  The chips came in a paper bag + the salsa was sealed to prevent it from spilling… it was pretty clever!  When we were getting close to leaving, the train started to make it’s way to another table and the bag of chips started to tip over and land on me.  Being the dramatic person I am, you would have thought an avalanche was coming for me.  In reality it was only 4 or 5 chips that came crashing down on me.  I even documented the train accident.

For post dinner drinks we strolled down to Cornerstone Tavern.  Not only is the bar in a house, but it also has great outdoor seating.  Due to the lovely NC weather that changes everyday, we didn’t sit outside since it was too chilly (buzzkill)!

Loopy Vodka with Sprite + a splash of cranberry juice!

I must be living under a rock because I had no idea there was a vodka that tastes like Fruit Loops called Loopy by Three Olives.  It seriously tastes like Fruit Loops! I was about to ask the bartender if I could get some milk to go with it.

Not sure what to mix your Loopy with?  The bartender made my cocktail with Sprite and a splash of cranberry juice… it’s a perfect drink for spring.

Cheers, y’all!  xoxo