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Come on Ride the Train

Is that Quad City DJ song in your head now? Good…

Speaking of trains, I went to Dos Taquitos Xoco last night located in the heart of Glenwood South (you’ll understand my train reference in a bit, be patient). In case you were wondering, the menu is the same as the original Dos Taquitos located on Creedmoor Rd.  I did notice the restaurant had referenced Frida Kahlo with several pictures of the artist… not sure what that was about, but hey I’ll go with it!

Scene of the accident

The highlight for me was the train that delivered chips + salsa to your table.  The chips came in a paper bag + the salsa was sealed to prevent it from spilling… it was pretty clever!  When we were getting close to leaving, the train started to make it’s way to another table and the bag of chips started to tip over and land on me.  Being the dramatic person I am, you would have thought an avalanche was coming for me.  In reality it was only 4 or 5 chips that came crashing down on me.  I even documented the train accident.

For post dinner drinks we strolled down to Cornerstone Tavern.  Not only is the bar in a house, but it also has great outdoor seating.  Due to the lovely NC weather that changes everyday, we didn’t sit outside since it was too chilly (buzzkill)!

Loopy Vodka with Sprite + a splash of cranberry juice!

I must be living under a rock because I had no idea there was a vodka that tastes like Fruit Loops called Loopy by Three Olives.  It seriously tastes like Fruit Loops! I was about to ask the bartender if I could get some milk to go with it.

Not sure what to mix your Loopy with?  The bartender made my cocktail with Sprite and a splash of cranberry juice… it’s a perfect drink for spring.

Cheers, y’all!  xoxo


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My Sunday Splurge

Sunday brunch in Carrboro?  Sounds like an adventure to me! I don’t venture out to Carrboro often.  Let me rephrase that, I never go to Carrboro.  When I met up with my cousin for brunch yesterday I figured I better leave extra early because knowing me I’ll get lost.  I didn’t get lost, but I didn’t listen to my GPS when it told me to get on I-40… I probably heard my GPS say, “recalculating” 3 times (yes, I failed to not listen to it several times yesterday).  I blame it on my lack of caffeine.

Eventually I made it to Acme (on time I might add) and instantly loved the atmosphere. They had a wide variety of bloody Mary’s to choose from, but I opted for a morning mimosa.  The brunch menu items ranged from omelets to waffles to burgers.  I highly suggest checking out Acme in Carrboro for brunch… be sure to make reservations beforehand so you don’t have to wait around!

Isabella top by Helen Bullock at Anthropologie

On my way back to Raleigh I decided to stop at Anthropologie to use the store credit I collected. I’m going to guess that I was in the store for about an hour just admiring their home items before I decided I better try something on.  I ended up buying this AH-MAH-ZING silk multi-patterned shirt by Helen Bullock.  I tend to gravitate to unique patterns and lucky me I picked up the last small!

All I have to say is thank goodness for store credit!!



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Poppin’ Bottles

So yesterday I attended the Great Grapes Wine Festival in Cary.  It was interesting… not what I expected.  I learned a few things yesterday…

  • I don’t celebrate North Carolina wine.  Nothing against it, but a majority of the wines I sampled were incredibly sweet.  After about 30 minutes into the event I had enough samples because the wine was so sweet.  In fact it gave me a headache.  I’m not a fan of super sweet wines, I prefer a nice glass with dinner.  I don’t think I’d be able to pair any of the wines I sampled with a meal. 
  • Putting kids on leashes just isn’t for the fair, but it’s also for wine festivals.  I saw a kid being monitored by their parents at the beginning, but as the wine festival progressed I noticed the kid was then put on a leash.  Maybe next time the parents should find a babysitter.  I should also mention that the people watching is incredible.

    No big deal, just a kid on a leash.
The best part of the wine festival was the peach bellini wine slushy

I’m not sure if I’ll go back for next year’s wine festival.. I might try to hit up the Cuegrass Festival in downtown Raleigh.

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Did Somebody Say Wine?

This Saturday I’m going to the Great Grapes Wine Festival in Cary.  There are 3 reasons why I’m amped about this event…

  1. Wine. Duh! I love wine! Well…. not all wine, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  My goal is to find a red wine that I can tolerate and not cringe when I take a sip.  In case you didn’t catch on, I don’t celebrate red wine.  I’m really hoping I can find that one red wine that will sweep me off my feet!  I guess you could say my beef with red wine is the fact that it tastes like vinegar to me. If I ever go on The Bachelor, I’d have to accept the red wine when it’s given to me otherwise you’ll see the cringed look on my face.  If anyone has a favorite red wine that doesn’t have a vinegar taste to it I’m all ears!
  2. Food.  While I’m sure there will be a variety of food vendors I’m also interested in learning about food pairings with wine.  Usually when I’ve entertained in the past with wine I’m all like, “here’s some hummus and pita chips, knock yourselves out” or “I hope you like Combos because that’s all I have.”   I’m at that age now where I need to be a tad more elegant when it comes to serving light appetizers with wine.  I figured I could say something along the lines of, “oh this luxurious cheese was imported from Finland… nothing but the best for my guests!”  We’ll see what kind of handy information/ wine words I pick up on Saturday.
  3. Crafts.  I’m no Martha Stewart when it comes to crafts, but I love to see what other folks are doing.  I also like to support the locals whether they are selling art, jewelry, etc.  I’m sure once the wine starts flowing the cash out of my wallet will start to disappear.

If y’all live near the Raleigh-Durham area, you should check this event out &  get your tickets to go!

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Durham Bulls First Pitch Luncheon

Y’all, I had the opportunity to attend the Durham Bulls First Pitch Luncheon on Monday.  Our sales rep from Theo Davis Printing graciously extended an invitation for “team marketing” to attend this awesome event.

Held in Bay 7 at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, the luncheon was hosted by Theo Davis Printing to mark the Durham Bulls opening night at the stadium.  Even though there weren’t any baseball players sitting at our table, there were plenty scattered around us.

Durham Bulls swag

After an introduction of the 2013 players (I know nothing about baseball stats, as much as I tried to pay attention to their stats it went in one ear and out the other), there was a Q+A panel which consisted of 2 baseball players, the manager, the hitting coach, and pitching coach.  Of course when it was the audience’s turn for asking the players questions, my coworker + rep wanted me to ask the players if they were single (don’t worry, I didn’t ask).

It was a really great event + I feel extremely lucky to have been invited.  We didn’t walk away empty handed… I scored a Durham Bulls baseball hat (I’ll probably give that to my dad since baseball hats don’t flatter me), a magnet of the baseball schedule, + a massive cup that will require 2 hands for me to hold on to.

Now I’m officially ready for baseball season! Play ball!  xoxo

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First Friday: April Edition

Finally! We had Spring weather for First Friday!

photoTo kick off First Friday, we had the most delicious meal at Gravy in downtown Raleigh.  This time I tried the spaghetti + meatballs (I’ve heard rave reviews about their famous meatballs, so I decided to give it a try).  It was ah-mah-zing!  The portion wasn’t overwhelming, yet I had enough leftovers to make another meal out of it.

Major noms!

It’s not a true First Friday event until we stop + visit the vendors outside The Raleigh Times.  I’ve been wanting a North Carolina shirt from House of Swank Clothing, so what better time to buy one?! (Side note: I should really pay attention next time because I thought I bought a SMALL shirt, but instead I bought an XL!! Maybe it was the wine I had at dinner that impaired my ability to read tags on shirts, I don’t really know). So besides purchasing the wrong size shirt, I also bought an adorable  Durham onesie in pink for one of my friends who is about to have a baby.  I can’t wait to give it to her!

While perusing the various vendors, my eyes locked on to an oh-so-fabulous shirt.  A squirrel shirt of Sir Walter Raleigh (y’all know I have a love for squirrels).  Immediately I thought, I have to get this shirt.  It was a whopping $25.  I wasn’t up for negotiating with the vendor on the price, so I stepped away from that epic shirt.  Looking back, I wish I would have bought it… but I’m confident I’ll see it again *fingers crossed*.

Until next month’s First Friday…


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Polos + Pearls

The other night I attended the Modern Society’s annual event, Polos + Pearls event at
Solas to raise money for MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Despite the cold + rainy weather, I had an absolute ball!

Before I get into the highlights, I must say they had some amazing raffle prizes.  Most of my tickets went towards a Tyler’s Taproom gift card + a gift card to Humble Pie.  I also put a few tickets in to win $250 worth of Bobbi Brown cosmetics.  Unfortunately I didn’t win, but all the money I spent on tickets went to a worthy cause.

Ok, to the highlights!

Miss Raleigh attended the event and she was super friendly.  My friend Brad bet me $10 that I couldn’t get Miss Raleigh to let me wear her sash.  It was a little after 8pm and he gave me until 10pm to get the sash… I had the sash on within 20 minutes.  I took Brad’s money and donated it by purchasing raffle tickets for the prizes.  Everybody won, including me… I was Miss Raleigh for about a hot minute!

DJ Q (who did a fabulous job) played a variety of tunes including “The Wobble” (Miss Raleigh taught me how to wobble), old school hip hop and my special request… “Problems” (confession, that’s my favorite hip-hop song of the moment).  DJ Q was even gracious enough to allow me to DJ for a hot second and when I say “allow me to DJ” I mean he let me pretend I was making beats.

All I need now is a good DJ name… any suggestions?

The Modern Society put on a wonderful event + I was so glad I was able to attend to support an important cause, Multiple Sclerosis.




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I Can’t Get Enough

Of Moon + Lola.  While I know I could live in the Anthropologie store and I’m pretty sure my second home would be Moon + Lola. I took my mom to Moon + Lola yesterday so she could get a longer chain for a necklace I had given her for Christmas.  I even told myself I wouldn’t buy anything.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  As soon as I stepped in the store I knew I wouldn’t leave empty handed.  The first item that caught my eye was a contemporary squirrel.

How fabulous is this modern, ceramic squirrel from Moon + Lola?! Of course I took it home!

On my wish list from Moon + Lola was an acrylic North Carolina necklace and I figured, why put off the inevitable?  I ordered a hot pink North Carolina necklace with the heart cut out over Raleigh.  Not a North Carolinian? No worries, they can make a necklace with any state (with a variety of colors to choose from) and cut the heart out of where your city is.

While in the store I managed to make a mental note of a few more items to add to my wish list! One of which is the Preston bracelet and in the picture below, a gorgeous stretch ring.

Necklaces, earrings and rings… oh my!

I wouldn’t be surprised if I go back to Moon + Lola for First Friday to pick up the ring I have my eyes on.





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Retail Therapy Recap

Ok y’all, I went to Retail Therapy hosted by The Women’s Club of Raleigh this past Saturday. I enjoyed strolling through the event sampling rum cake, pimento cheese and checking out all the retailers. I was waaaaay excited to stop at the Moon & Lola booth since I’m a HUGE fan of their jewelry.  Of course I didn’t leave empty handed!  I scored a gorgeous Lexington necklace that was 50% off (see below) and ordered some monogrammed earrings.

The coral Lexington necklace I bought at the Moon & Lola booth at Retail Therapy. Their jewelry has been featured in People Style Watch!
An assortment of amazing Moon & Lola jewelry on display at Retail Therapy. My next purchase will be an acrylic North Carolina necklace. Actually, I’ll take one of everything please!

Maybe once I get a better grasp on blogging I’ll do a giveaway… probably something from Moon & Lola so I can keep it local! 😉

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Retail Therapy

This weekend the Woman’s Club of Raleigh is hosting Retail Therapy, it’s a collection of unique boutiques all in one area! There will be scores of vendors including a few of my favorites- Moon & Lola and Queen Bee Designs.  Not to mention there will be a nice selection of food trucks if you get hungry! Tickets are $7 at the door and they’re good for both Saturday & Sunday. It’s a great way to shop local and support area businesses while having fun!