Around Town

Poppin’ Bottles

So yesterday I attended the Great Grapes Wine Festival in Cary.  It was interesting… not what I expected.  I learned a few things yesterday…

  • I don’t celebrate North Carolina wine.  Nothing against it, but a majority of the wines I sampled were incredibly sweet.  After about 30 minutes into the event I had enough samples because the wine was so sweet.  In fact it gave me a headache.  I’m not a fan of super sweet wines, I prefer a nice glass with dinner.  I don’t think I’d be able to pair any of the wines I sampled with a meal. 
  • Putting kids on leashes just isn’t for the fair, but it’s also for wine festivals.  I saw a kid being monitored by their parents at the beginning, but as the wine festival progressed I noticed the kid was then put on a leash.  Maybe next time the parents should find a babysitter.  I should also mention that the people watching is incredible.

    No big deal, just a kid on a leash.
The best part of the wine festival was the peach bellini wine slushy

I’m not sure if I’ll go back for next year’s wine festival.. I might try to hit up the Cuegrass Festival in downtown Raleigh.


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