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Did Somebody Say Wine?

This Saturday I’m going to the Great Grapes Wine Festival in Cary.  There are 3 reasons why I’m amped about this event…

  1. Wine. Duh! I love wine! Well…. not all wine, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  My goal is to find a red wine that I can tolerate and not cringe when I take a sip.  In case you didn’t catch on, I don’t celebrate red wine.  I’m really hoping I can find that one red wine that will sweep me off my feet!  I guess you could say my beef with red wine is the fact that it tastes like vinegar to me. If I ever go on The Bachelor, I’d have to accept the red wine when it’s given to me otherwise you’ll see the cringed look on my face.  If anyone has a favorite red wine that doesn’t have a vinegar taste to it I’m all ears!
  2. Food.  While I’m sure there will be a variety of food vendors I’m also interested in learning about food pairings with wine.  Usually when I’ve entertained in the past with wine I’m all like, “here’s some hummus and pita chips, knock yourselves out” or “I hope you like Combos because that’s all I have.”   I’m at that age now where I need to be a tad more elegant when it comes to serving light appetizers with wine.  I figured I could say something along the lines of, “oh this luxurious cheese was imported from Finland… nothing but the best for my guests!”  We’ll see what kind of handy information/ wine words I pick up on Saturday.
  3. Crafts.  I’m no Martha Stewart when it comes to crafts, but I love to see what other folks are doing.  I also like to support the locals whether they are selling art, jewelry, etc.  I’m sure once the wine starts flowing the cash out of my wallet will start to disappear.

If y’all live near the Raleigh-Durham area, you should check this event out &  get your tickets to go!



Finally! My blog is up & running… for the most part. WordPress is all new to me & why not start off 2013 by teaching myself how to use it without buying one of those “WordPress For Dummies” books. 

After a couple requests from a few friends, I decided to start my own blog. The main feature of my blog will be about all my favorite places here in Raleigh as well as new discoveries.  I’m not big into chain restaurants or big box shops, I like to root for the underdog and the hidden gems. Ok… I’ll admit it, Bojangles is my one exception when it comes to chains, but I’m sure many of you will agree with me!

I also plan to share my personal stories along the way as well. It takes a lot to embarass me so what better way to share my awkwardness through a blog! Maybe The Bachelor will get their hands on this and finally cast me as the 5ft witty gal that is a part-time klutz. *Fingers crossed!*

Thank you to everyone for your support!

P.S. I’d like to give a special shout out to my pal, Heather Albertson for creating my fabulous logo! She’s a very talented gal, so please be sure to check out her website (Heather A Design) if you’re looking for a great graphic designer.