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Polos + Pearls

The other night I attended the Modern Society’s annual event, Polos + Pearls event at
Solas to raise money for MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Despite the cold + rainy weather, I had an absolute ball!

Before I get into the highlights, I must say they had some amazing raffle prizes.  Most of my tickets went towards a Tyler’s Taproom gift card + a gift card to Humble Pie.  I also put a few tickets in to win $250 worth of Bobbi Brown cosmetics.  Unfortunately I didn’t win, but all the money I spent on tickets went to a worthy cause.

Ok, to the highlights!

Miss Raleigh attended the event and she was super friendly.  My friend Brad bet me $10 that I couldn’t get Miss Raleigh to let me wear her sash.  It was a little after 8pm and he gave me until 10pm to get the sash… I had the sash on within 20 minutes.  I took Brad’s money and donated it by purchasing raffle tickets for the prizes.  Everybody won, including me… I was Miss Raleigh for about a hot minute!

DJ Q (who did a fabulous job) played a variety of tunes including “The Wobble” (Miss Raleigh taught me how to wobble), old school hip hop and my special request… “Problems” (confession, that’s my favorite hip-hop song of the moment).  DJ Q was even gracious enough to allow me to DJ for a hot second and when I say “allow me to DJ” I mean he let me pretend I was making beats.

All I need now is a good DJ name… any suggestions?

The Modern Society put on a wonderful event + I was so glad I was able to attend to support an important cause, Multiple Sclerosis.





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