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Birthday Shenanigans

I celebrated the big “3-4” last month with a bang.  Several of my favorites joined me for dinner at Irregardless Cafe (one of my favorite restaurants) before we hit the town.  Any by “hit the town”, I mean I we went to a few local bars… this girl can’t hang like she used to.

Some of my favorite gals helping me celebrate my birthday at Irregardless Cafe

Bar Stop #1: Landmark Tavern.  The highlight of the night was this stupid video I took.  To truly appreciate it, you had to have been there.  I still crack up when I watch it.  Then again it doesn’t take much to crack me up.

Bar Stop #2: Bittersweet.  I was recently introduced to this AMAZING establishment and I’m pretty much smitten with it.  Prosecco + dessert + some 80’s music? Yes, please! I split the key lime tequila parfait + s’mores sundae with my friends and it was THE BOMB DOT

Key lime tequila parfait + s’mores sundae.


Friends that can make funny faces together, stays together.


Bar Stop #3: The Busy Bee.  I have a love/ hate relationship with The Hive.  I love it when they play amazing music that’s fun to dance to.  I hate it when it gets overcrowded and the music changes suddenly, such as some strange Jamaican tunes.  It’s like flipping a light switch… the music changes without warning. When that happened we said, “bye Felicia” and made our way out.

We “attempted” to go to Neptunes (a total whole in the wall bar) that I love for some odd reason.  Once we saw the line we all looked at each other + knew it was not going to happen for us.  It was then I decided it was time to go home.  I went to the bars I wanted to, minus Neptunes (buzzkill)… but it was a fun night with great friends.

Neptunes, I’ll be seeing you soon.

Around Town

Triangle Restaurant Week is Back!

Triangle Restaurant Week is baaaack (it’s running until 1/27)!! Woohoo!! My head went into a tailspin when I checked out all the restaurants participating. Major noms!

What I love about Triangle Restaurant Week is that you can really get an experience out of the restaurant. Normally, when I dine out I usually stick to one entree and skip the salad and dessert. There are great deals for both lunch & dinner, which in my opinion is too good to pass up!

Tonight I’ll be venturing to Sullivan’s for what will be an amazing dinner for only $30! Where else can you get a salad, filet mignon, and a dessert for just $30 at a super nice restaurant?! Of course there are other items on the menu to choose from. 

Tomorrow I’ll be going to Irregardless Cafe. That’s one of my favorite restaurants here in Raleigh and their menu for Triangle Restaurant Week looks heavenly.

If I could I would eat at all the restaurants that are participating, but then someone would have to send me to the Biggest Loser to lose all the weight I gained. 🙂 I suppose it’s a good thing I’m eating sensibly during the day so I won’t feel guilty later on. Be sure to hit up Triangle Restaurant Week before it ends and it’s a great opportunity to eat local!