Around Town

Cuatro de Drink-o

I celebrated Cinco de Mayo on the 4th of May rather than the 5th (is it tacky that we celebrated Cinco de Mayo on the 4th?)… oh well it’s too late now!  Dos Taquitos Xoco had a block party in downtown Raleigh that we couldn’t resist going to.  Unfortunately the weather was not favorable for us.  HELLO!!  It’s May and I should be able to wear my maxi dress and not freeze my tail off like I did.

I was expecting a large crowd at the block party, but looking back on it now I’ve come up with my own conclusion.  People were watching the Kentucky Derby + not celebrating Cinco de Mayo on the 4th.  Maybe next year I should actually celebrate events on the actual date, not the day before.  I’m going to use this blog post as a reminder.

Regardless of the crowd I had an incredible time with my friends.  We wore mustaches… I opted for a temporary tattoo mustache I ordered from Fab (it was a hit).  Dos Taquitos Xoco had set up cornhole, had an outside bar, live music, face painting for kids, etc.  Next year I plan to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on the actual day, not the day before.

Y’all like my mustache?
Chuck + Natalie 4Ever (oh and you too Brad)
Cornhole fun outside Dos Taquitos Xoco



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