My Heart is in Boston

I was hoping I’d never have to see another terrorist attack unfold like on 9/11.  Unfortunately I was wrong.  I was attending the Digital Marketing for Business conference here in Raleigh when my co-worker showed me a “tweet” about an explosion at the Boston Marathon.  My heart sank into my stomach and it was impossible for me to focus on the seminar.  Running through my mind were the family + friends up in Boston, some of which were running in the marathon and others that lived there.  Thankfully everyone I knew was safe, but not everyone was lucky.  Three families lost loved ones yesterday… an 8 year old boy, a 29 year old woman, and a grad student at Boston University lost their lives.  Several others lost their limbs.  A senseless act.

One thing that always prevails is the human spirit.  Seeing the runners + spectators run to the aid of those injured was remarkable.  Watching the news and hearing the stories first hand from witnesses seems surreal.  Hearing a mother try to put into words her grief for losing her daughter was heartbreaking.

My thoughts + prayers are with Boston, you’re resilient and you’ll overcome this horrific tragedy.



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