My Bucket List of Bands

My Mini Bonaroo

I’ve never been to Bonaroo or Coachella because I don’t think I could handle the insane crowds.  I’m lucky if I can hang out at the NC State Fair for an hour without the crowd driving me nuts.  In case y’all didn’t know I don’t celebrate massive crowds.

I’ve discovered a happy medium… go to three concerts in one week!  Sounds reasonable, right?!  On the upside I’ll be able to go home, sleep in my own bed, and take a shower in the comfort of my own home vs. camping out for multiple days in a row and probably get zero sleep.  The only downside I can think of is having a terrible time getting out of bed the following day to go to work.  I think I can do it! (Just as long is I live off of coffee and water).

For those of you curious as to what shows I’m going to…

  • 6/10- The National at Red Hat Amphitheater.  I bought seats for most of my concerts because frankly, I’m too old to be hanging out on the lawn.
  • 6/11- Passion Pit at Koka Booth Amphitheater.  Remember in the above statement when I said I was too old for lawn seats? Yeah, well I bought lawn seats for this show.  Koka Booth is a small venue, so I think I should be able to see the actual performance (fingers crossed).
  • 6/13- The Lumineers at Koka Booth Amphitheater.  Ok, so I had jazz hands when I was purchasing pre-sale tickets and I meant to purchase lawn seats (again, Koka Booth is a small venue.. blah, blah, blah), but it turns out I bought pit tickets.  Fail! I guess the upside is I can be super close to the band that’s if I don’t get trampled.

Needless to say I’ll have different views at each concert… lawn, seats and the pit.  I wonder if I can score backstage passes to see the JoBros when they come to town…



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