Ready to Jet Set

I’m pretty pumped to be jetting down to sunny Florida this Friday to see my old roommate. It’s been long overdue. Not to mention this is the first time flying by myself. Yeah I know, what 31-year old hasn’t flown by themselves?! To be honest, I get jazz hands and major anxiety when flying, so I’m going to go ahead and apologize in advance to the person who has to sit next to me on the airplane.  Maybe I should start researching techniques to avoid anxiety attacks or find a horse tranquilizer…

Did I also mention that I’m 5ft tall and I’ll be the one struggling with my suitcase in the overhead bin?  I can already see it now… angry passengers wanting to know what’s taking so long to board the plane, meanwhile I’m trying to lift my suitcase and can barely get it over my head.  I may just pay for the baggage check since I can already feel the anxiety coming on of having to deal with a suitcase.

I just need to get out of town for a long weekend to clear my head and to have fun.  I already told my friend that all I want to do is drink wine, relax, do a little shopping, and maybe check out some of the flea markets in Florida. We also might go out on their boat if the weather is nice, let’s just hope I don’t lose my hat.  Last time I was on a boat my hat went bye-bye!

Right now I’m trying to figure out what kind of gift to bring them for letting me stay at their house/ a long overdue house warming present. I thought about bringing them some North Carolina swag since they used to live here.  I only have until Thursday to figure it out!

Stay tuned for these nail biting questions once I arrive in Florida…

  • Will I spazz out on the airplane or break out my jazz hands?
  • Do I knock myself out trying to lift my suitcase into the overhead bin?
  • Can I even reach the overhead bin?
  • Will I run like Phoebe or Rachel from Friends trying to make my connecting flight?

So many questions!!! Wish me luck on Friday!!




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