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I Bought Rob Lowe a Lemonade… You Jealous?

May-jor swoon alert.  I repeat, may-jor swoon alert!

One of my print vendor’ that I had worked with at my previous job hooked me up with some rockstar seats for the Durham Bulls game.  When I say rockstar, I mean we’re literally sitting behind home plate, we get access to the MVP Club (2 drink tickets for beer, liquor, wine, etc + a food ticket)… oh and a free souvenir.  Last night’s free souvenir was a Durham Bulls doormat… obviously I skipped the free swag.  Before I left for the game one of my friends notified me that Rob Lowe (famous for St. Elmo’s Fire, West Wing, Austin Powers, Tommy Boy, The Outsiders, Parks + Rec, and well you get the point), would be at the game to throw the first pitch.

My immediate thought… “oh-mah-gawd! What am I going to wear?!” Followed by, “what if I meet Rob Lowe and get a picture with him?! I just can’t be wearing an “average” outfit to the baseball game!”  I probably went through several tops before I settled with one that said, “hey I’m casual yet still hip” with my Joe’s Jeans and Havaianas flip flops.

We literally ran to the stadium because we did not want to miss the opportunity to see Rob Lowe throw the first pitch.  The game started at 7:05… we were in our seats by 6:55-ish. 7:05 rolled around and I frantically look all around the field… no sign of Rob Lowe. The national anthem starts and I’m casually singing along and gazing in the crowd and it’s there I spot a heavenly creature… Rob Lowe.  I shrieked with much enthusiasm… reached for my friend Laura and squealed, “ROB LOWE!!!!!”  I’m pretty sure the people around me thought I had Tourettes or something.  Rob Lowe was about 15ft from where we were sitting.  I was in heaven.

Ladies + gentlemen, I give you Mr. Rob Lowe.
Ladies + gentlemen, I give you Mr. Rob Lowe.

I frantically started taking pictures of him (yes, the national anthem was still going), I knew I needed to calm down.  Once the game started we headed down to the MVP Club house… I was in need of an adult beverage to calm down.  While we were in the club house I was getting antsy thinking Rob Lowe would be gone by the time we got back (I was totally acting like a school girl and I didn’t care).

That one time we photo bombed Rob Lowe's family picture and ended up on their Twitter feed. HOLLAAAAA
That one time we photo bombed Rob Lowe’s family picture and ended up on their Twitter feed. HOLLAAAAA

During the game I started thinking to myself how could I get Rob Lowe to notice me without being super creepy like the 40-something women who were waiting at the top of the steps, lurking.  I wasn’t about to be that lame.  It was then a lightbulb went off… I’m going to buy him a snack or drink and have it sent his way. It was pure genius!  Before I follow through I needed one more Blue Moon for liquid courage.

Once I had my second Blue Moon in hand it was go time.  I wondered what snack or drink he would like… luckily I had read his book (Stories I Only Tell My Friends) and knew he was sober… that would have been super awkward if I had bought him a PBR or a Bud Light.  Once I saw the kid with the lemonade I knew that was the ticket.  As I summoned the kid that was selling lemonade over my way, my friends Jenn + Natalie put their heads down in embarrassment.  They didn’t want me to draw attention to myself, but when would I ever get another opportunity to do this?! In the back of my mind I was reminded of a shirt that Big Bold Fierce sells which says, “No Risk, No Story” and I knew if I didn’t do it I would regret it.

I ordered the shirt the day after buying Rob Lowe a lemonade. It’s absolutely true.. No Risk, No Story.

I gave the kid $10 and told him that I wanted the lemonade to go the gentleman over there (which case I pointed directly at Robe Lowe and described his outfit for clarification) and to tell him it was from the girl in the stands and to point at me.  Simple, right?  Wrong.  He went to an old guy that wasn’t even remotely attractive like Rob Lowe.  I was thinking to myself I just spent $10 for nothing!  Thankfully the universe was on my side and the lemonade was put in Rob Lowe’s perfect hands.  As soon as I saw Rob Lowe scanning around searching for the gal who bought him a lemonade I started to wave at him.  It was amazing!  We waved back and forth, did a funny gesture pointing to our eyes and then he did a slight bow to me.  It was epic and it was absolutely fantastic.  I turned to my friend Laura and told her I could die happy now.  I also turned to my other friends and said, “what then!! Rob Lowe and I totally just had a moment!!”  They later high-fived me and agreed what I did was ballsy and badass.

Who else can say they bought Rob Lowe a drink?  That was the best $10 I ever spent.



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