Pieces From the Past

So I was going through my old closet at my parent’s house and discovered a random bag of fabric.  Upon further investigating, I found several quilt squares my grandmother had made.  Immediately I knew I had to find someone to finish her quilt, if I didn’t then all the squares she had made would continue to just sit in the bag.  If I knew anything about sewing I would attempt to do it myself, but knowing me I’d sew my arm to the table with the sewing machine.  I should look into a sewing class.

Note to self: learn to sew and quilt.

I don’t know about y’all, but it was hard finding a local quilter that met within my budget. Thankfully one of my good friends has a sorority sister who does quilting and after looking at her work I knew she’d be perfect for the job!

Quilt squares my grandmother made + now I’m planning to surprise my mom with a complete quilt!

I love how vintage the fabric is and I want to say my grandmother started working on making the squares in the late 80’s or 90’s.  This is one project I’m super excited about and Megan (the quilter) will be sending me pictures along the way which I’ll post.  If y’all are looking for someone local in the Raleigh area to make a quilt using existing squares or even a custom quilt you need to contact Megan at A Crafty Handful.


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