Let's Plan a Party

Let’s Have a Fundraiser!

I’m about to take on an exciting project… planning a fundraiser to raise money for one of my close friends who has NF2.  People run half marathons to raise money for special causes, I’m lucky if I can run a mile!   The next best thing I can do is organize an event to raise money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

My first task is finding a venue that would be willing to donate their space.  Looks like I’ll have to turn up the charm and woo them with my personality!  Ideally I’d like to host the event after work or during the day on a weekend so venues would be more likely to donate their space during their “down time.”

Since this is my first go at planning a fundraiser, I want to keep it as simple as possible.  Here are just a few of my goals:

  • Live Music. I already have a band willing to play for free and he happens to be the brother of my friend that I’m hosting the fundraiser for- SCORE!
  • Drink Specials.  Work with the venue to put an assortment of beer/ wine/ cocktails on special for the event.  Perhaps even have a signature drink.
  • Get AMAZING Raffle Prizes.  Using my magnetic personality + connections I’m hoping I can score some wonderful prizes to raffle off that everyone would love.

I’m really hoping I can pull this off for my friend.  She is truly an inspiration!





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