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Do You Have Any Size 5 Shoes?

I’ll admit it.  I have tiny feet.  It’s almost impossible for me to find cute shoes to fit my feet.  I’ve given up going to department stores, DSW, and other shoe stores because they never carry my size 5 or they’re out of 5.5’s.  Not only do I suffer from “short girl problems”, but I also have “little feet problems” too.  It’s a pain in the you-know-what when I find a shoe that I adore and they don’t make it in my size.  Attention shoe designers: can you please make shoes that caters to us ladies with small feet? Thank you in advance!

Until the shoe designers see my urgent plea I will continue to buy my shoes online- mainly through Zappos + Nordstrom since I can usually find my size there.  This morning I ordered 2 pairs of shoes (fingers crossed they fit)!  The first pair is a coral flat by Calvin Klein and the other pair is a patterned flat by Nine West.  I never wear heels because I usually fall in them (in case you didn’t read the “About Me” section, I’m a klutz), but I’m totally fine with wearing wedges.  Odd, huh?

Calvin Klein Ebony
Calvin Klein Ebony in coral.  This shoe says, “Hey, I’m cool yet sophisticated and I like to show off a little skin near my heel”
nine west widgeon
Nine West Widgeon  pattered flats.  This shoe says, “I’m hip and trendy, plus I like to cut loose”

Let’s hope these fun shoes fit, otherwise it’s back to shoe shopping for me!



2 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Size 5 Shoes?”

  1. I have the exact same problem! Everyone this small feet are so cute, they have no idea what a pain it is! I rarely buy shoes because they are so hard to find. I can wear a 5.5 or 6 in target brand shoes and I only get them when they are on sale, please, I’m not paying $20 for target shoes, but $6…yes.
    Good luck in your shoe searching…I hope that one day people like us can go into any store and get any shoe we want 🙂

    1. The Nine West shoes arrived today, but they didn’t fit… major buzzkill! Maybe I should start a business that specializes in shoes for people with small feet. In the meantime… I’m back on the hunt again for cute shoes that fit!

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